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    Without the following awesome sites, my own level of knowledge, and self knowledge, and health, and motivation would have been lacking in many areas. I highly recommend them.

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Stefan Molyneux is an incredibly good option to become a better person and have more control over oneself, and have better relationships, and be more able to create a peacefull and virtuous world.

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Youtube channel

Infowars is a very good option for news and important information, even for health.

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Youtube channel

TheHealthranger will give you a broad perspective on everything involving your health.

At you can search for scientific studies about anything involving health. Very usefull if there is a specific illness that you want to obtain scientific knowledge about. Today health is largely up to each individual since a typical artificial chemical dealer have no incentive to help you with your health.

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Brownstein introduced me to the power of Iodine, and how low metabolism can be a result of a lack of Iodine/Iodide in the body. Sure enough, by eating Iodine and Iodide, I managed to restore energy and throw the artificial hormones I was eating, which made me slightly retarded, in the garbage where it belongs.

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Joel Wallach.

Joel Wallach told everyone how to cure arthritis by simply eating calcium and gelatin, which is what personally worked on me aswell. But that is just a fragment of what you can learn from this guy.

Here is an introduction about Joel Wallach from the linked webpage:

"As most of the world gets more and more sick, there is a select and growing group within the population who are healthier, looking younger, and living longer with less aches and pains. This group is following the advice and research of a very unique doctor - a doctor who is trained not only in human health, but in animal health as well. Based on the results of the agricultural industry that eliminated 900 diseases in animals that still plague humans and doubled animal lifespans, Dr. Joel Wallach is on a mission to do the same with people. Originally theoretical, but now with over 35 years of hands on experience we expect people following Dr. Wallach's protocols to get better! It's not a question of whether it works, it's just an issue of absorbing the right nutrients for ample enough time. The body as the innate ability to heal itself if it has access to all the known raw materials: The 90 Essential Nutrients!