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This video must be watched by anyone remotely interested in todays state of society.


Holiday Hope is an article
that resonates very well with my own view and life.


My big game project, "Crazy Wizards" is finally ready to be consumed by the public. It has been an insane amount of hard work, I have really tried to make the game inviting and enjoyable for people,
and hopefully this is only the beginning. You can go to the games page to read about it.


Some weeks ago I tried a demo of "Life is Strange", on xbox 360. It is a point and click adventure with a new feature of time reversal, which could be interesting, allthough from a review on youtube it wasn't used much, and when I played the demo it did not differ from an entirely scripted storyline. The game itself was not interesting to me, what caught my attention was the title screen.

Life is strange title screen

The title screen is a view over some moving treetops out to a small city with a lighthouse in the distance, an ocean, and a partially forested hillside with buldings scattered around. Seagulls fly above, and you can see tiny cars moving around. And there is a graphical representation of wind and you can see leaves carried around by it. There are sound effects of the seagulls and the wind among other things, and ontop of all this there is an amazing soundtrack playing in a loop.

It is very relaxing and interesting. I am a game developer, so I was looking for all of the elements of the title screen to go in a loop, but after watching it for a long time, I could not find such a recurrence, which makes it alot more impressive. It seemed that the only thing looping was the soundtrack.

I tried to find a video on youtube of the title screen, but only found one of the PC version, which was different. Forinstance, on the xbox version, the sun is shining above and mirrored on the ocean, but not in the PC version. Now maybe that has something to do with your progress in the game, I wouldn't know since I am unlikely to spend any time playing it. The title screen on the PC version did not seem as enjoyabe as the xbox version.