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If you get problems starting the game. Please watch this video. (not by me)

Download version 0.27 (332 MB) 15.Sep.2017

Download version 0.27 (353 MB) 15.Sep.2017 as a zip file.

The game is in a self extracting exe file. When it is downloaded, you can double click it, and let it extract in the same location, or you can choose another location, (ie your desktop). Windows 10 can freak out on this file, to protect you from it. When this happens you will have to select "more info", then "Run anyway". Then you will be able to select a place to extract the game directory to.

To start the game, open the folder that was extracted and double click the executable file called "Strayspells".

If it will not run, it may be because Directplay is not enabled/installed on your windows. Here are instructions on how to enable it:
1. Press [windows key]+[x] then press [p] to open the control panel.
2. find/ open "Programs and Features" then press the "Turn windows features on or off"... it's on the left hand side.

3. Find and open "Legacy components"
4. Put a tick in the Direct play... then restart your system.

Instructional video of above.

Another thing that could work if the above does not fix it, is to turn off anti virus.

If it still will not start. You can try this.

Note: I don't use windows 10, so I don't know much about how it runs with it. But lots of people have played it on windows 10.

Hope you will like it. :)

Read an introduction of the game here. Read about changes and news here.

If you for some reason would like to download older archives of Strayspells, here they are:

Download version 0.26 (285 MB) 29.June.2017

Download version 0.26 (303 MB) as a zip file.

Download version 0.25 (285 MB) 17.June.2017

Download version 0.25 (303 MB) as a zip file.