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A professional update (Now 0.27) of the game Strayspells. An expansion and upgrade of the alert system, pausing the game automatically on dangerous alerts. And all alerts are now accompanied by VOICE! Delivered to you by Steve Bowden! A bunch of new animation gfx for all portals, and selected spells, alert locations, current wizard, etc... The crazy backgrounds are improved. Hackers in adventure mode.
And of course more. Steal it ASAP now from the download page ! Or get more information about the game first.

The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series - Episode 1

He has Autism - THAT'S NO EXCUSE!

VaxXed Stories: The McDowell Triplets in Michigan (pneumococcal)

The beginning of wisdom is to call things by their proper name

The real history of the crusades.

A VERY NICE UPDATE (Now 0.26) of my game Strayspells. Freeze framed magic when switching between realtime and turn based, making it convenient to see where magic is being cast. A new notify system that will alert the player when his wizard is not safe and other important events. Many more final score high rating comments. And quite a few bug fixes.
Grab it on the download page now! Or get more information about the game first.

A COMPREHENSIVE UPDATE (Now 0.24) of my game Strayspells. Magical Items!! And lots of new features around them!  Final Level, so you can win the game now 8D (includes player rating comments). Lots of new dialogue and types of encunters in your adventure. Levitating inanimates! Insanity mode! Advantageous selectable backstories to accomodate your playstyle! Towns! Much better 'tutorial' explaining the game! And a lot of new music that I spent quite a lot of time making. Get it on the download page now! Or get more (old) information about the game first.

Enemy of the State | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux

Cassie Jaye: Why I Stopped Being a Feminist

A BIG update for my game Strayspells. It adds special support for very big resolutions, like around 1900x1100. Ingame battle log and a menu. Some new gfx and new inanimate units. Completely new generated sets of backgrounds a bit more interesting than before. Villages. Surprises. Saved startup configuration. Gameflow easily changed in a battle so that player has much more control. New music. And more. 
Read about the game, or go to download.

A quick update for the game Strayspells, which adds a more versatile windowed mode that can be used for recording game sessions. It will be compatible with windows, and will not create major gfx issues within the game if you multitask with windows. Some other compatibility issues have been patched, and the windows pointer will now be hidden in windowed mode.
Acquire information about the game, or go straight to download.

After a lot of work and countless hours, Strayspells Version 0.22 is now available. Some key new features are: Streamlined AI players, more diverse adventure levels, a new random mouse pointer gfx generator, spell preview of which units can be affected, more adventure tastiness, better unit details when pointing with mouse, and a new ESCAPE game mode. This game is free, and free of any malware or adware. A different, delightful, and easy to play game that can be played with turn based or realtime game flow, entirely up to player. Look out for the monsters! Read about it, or go straight to download. There is also a changelog here.

Made some memes:

White Privilege Born Baby 1
White Privilege Born Baby 2
White Privilege Born Baby 3
White Privilege Born Baby 4

The Information page now has a large list of links for health, the pursuit of truth, and  many others to help you take control of your life and reject lies.

Berries Could Hurt Our Great Cancer Industry  2.Jan.16

 Co2 will make seagrass fat 

 Why we dont need free will agency 
Updated 5.Jan.17