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Strayspells  NEWS and CHANGELOG

This is the changelog and news page of Strayspells. Go to the games page to read an introduction. Or download page to download the game right away.

;added an option for automatically stopping gameflow on critically dangerous, or just dangerous alerts.
;added a new list of (voice) alerts and added the new voice alert entries into the code at various places,
;received, edited vigorously, and added voice from Steve Bowden into the game for all ALERT events.
;Music will now temporarily fade down when there is a voice alert.
;spellpanel is now different when gameflow is paused.
;Created and added a hilite animation on battlefield, for alerts that have a position.
;new current wizard, and selected spell, and movement destination animations.
;offering another item than npc wants in dialogue, can now 'fail' and offer new dialogue.
;  also with this option, npc could notice/remember that player is known for not being very nice.
;Added more shadows to the background generator, and generated new bgs for low and high resolutions.
;New Gfx for all portals.
;added a master volume switch to quickly turn all sound on or off without messing with sliders.
;  and ingame menu item and hotkey to switch easily.
;hackers in adventure mode.

;!minor changes V0.26 - V0.27
;added "not flying" to every aicasting help set for Earthquake, so that AI wizards stop trying to kill flying creatures with earthquakes
;Village houses were spawned in extreme survival, which pose no real threat. FIXED
;Now any game with only one human player will use "Your wizard" voice, anything else disables it.
;voice/alert sounds now has its own volume slider in sound options
;added an option to sound/ingame options to switch between using voice when available, or always use default alert sound.
;battle music would start after threatening npc, but when there was still ways to resolve a situation peacefully. FIXED
;examined items with no charges left are now faded differently than those with charges, to quickly see which ones can be used.
;now page in yourstuff is remembered in each level/round.
;wizards changing form from being a creature or something else, like growths with a lifespan,
;  is now also alerted to human players. Before it was only when wizards in their original form changed to something else.
;(friendly) wizards could appear in thought police levels, which was not intended. FIXED
;battle log will no longer open if a level was concluded without a battle
;reduced amount of crumbles from Blizzard
;added prompt on screen for leaving credits
;intoxication now only works when pointer is on battlefield.
;if a single player human tries to move his wizard when turn is playing out, the turn will stop playing out
;  just as if player hit space. (it annoyed me that I would not be able to move wizard when turn was playing out)
;Gfx directories now need to be inside their respective theme directories. Unless they redirect to root of game.
;  (Easier for me to develop by using directories in root)
;summon magic was using all pixels, including black pixels, from summoned design gfx to draw on battlefield. FIXED
;Items are now never gained from playing custom games, and can also not be used in custom games.
;  This is just to prevent stockpiling items from custom games to use in adventure mode,
;  and to prevent player from using items in custom games that he probably should reserve for adventure mode.
;  Perhaps I will make a new system for custom games to use items in the future.
;bot wizards with hidden spells were not set to discard any spells, but i have always planed to add that
;  so now they discard in the same fashion as simuated human wizard bots do.
;added entire tutorial information to F1/more info/controls overview screen.
;  so people who skip the tutorial can find it there.
;demonstrations can start with survival gamemode. Not just versus.
;Seconds left of turn text for realtime multiplayer added separately on screen
;demonstration text moved up, and normal text allowed in demonstrations.
;A low priority message "... you can move around and cast spells now" in realtime multiplayer
;  was overriding any other message. FIXED
;Bots no longer try to show hidden spells if they don't have a spellbook.
;increased normal fighting time somewhat to let players have a better chance to break up or deflect fights.
;certain low importance voice is only played if music volume is less than 60%
;renamed ImagesToTiles to ImagesToAnim for more clarity of what it does to include gfx in the game.
;Added a 1 second 'gameflow switch lock' to protect player from resuming gameflow by mistake
;  after ie an alert or turn playing out.
;a separate 'Gloomy' music category that plays in unfortunate or risky encounters in adventure mode.
;changed the spellpanel bacground creator for the high resolution gfx mode so that it looks better.

;!CHANGES 0.25 - 0.26
;'Boss' battle music did not continue after playing one tune on a 'boss' level. FIXED
;  Changed it so that 'boss' music does not play all of the time in boss levels, just 50%
;Battle music did not start when deciding definitely to battle a specialist. FIXED
;Added credits play from about screen, without any final level score
;added messages and battlelog entries for when units are pacified from attacking a pacified creature
;  or being pacified and turned aggressive by being attacked by any other unit
;cast magic that has not take effect, or not summoned a creature yet will now have its
;  animation paused, so be shown at a freezed frame, and also have its sound paused, if gameflow is paused.
;added a new alert system, for important messages to player in battle.
;  it has included support for any future voices or sounds
;  added many alerts to various situations
;  default sound for the new system is a distress beacon type sound
;  Alert events are also logged in the battlelog.
;wizard unit slots are protected when wizard units die, so that the alert system will not freak out on other units taking their place
;removed the old "Wizard Dies" directory in random sounds directory, and replaced it with 2 new ALERT directories
;Text in sound options would not be updated after switching profile, or possibly other reasons. FIXED
;sound test when changing sound volume would not work more than 1 time because of cooldown code. FIXED
;one more tutorial dialogue about fights
;added many more final score high rating comments
;all wizards were moving the same (slow) speed regardless of screen resolution. FIXED
;encounter custom game mode would spawn village houses, which pose no threat. FIXED

;!CHANGES 0.24 - 0.25  (JUST A QUICK FIX)
;Accidentally turned off the CRAZY core theme small/thumbnail image before releasing version 0.24. FIXED.
;bandits wanting items from player did not take the designated items if player lost the battle, but took the 2 oldest. FIXED

;!MAJOR CHANGES 0.23 - 024
;Items might now have magical abilities. It will need to be revealed in order to be used,
;Magical items will have a limit on how many times they can be used.
;  and it will have to be used or examined to find out exactly what magical ability it has.
;Items from player mentioned in dialogue will now be tagged with (M) if they are magical but have not been examined
;  and (M!number) if their magical ability is known, and the number represents uses left.
;many different types of abilities added to the variety of magical items. The total amount of combinations is very high.
;  the magical abilties are and will continue to be completely compatible with any theme used by the game.
;  however, using one profile for more than one theme will most likely create tons of problems with magical items
;  so I might have to add error checks and notify player of the problems and consequences if a profile has magical items
;  that use designs that do not exist or such, if player attempts to use the profile for different themes.
;I had to block profiles from using any other theme than the one they were created on,
;  reason being that magical items will use designs and spells from the theme, and store the magical items in the profile.
;  and they will be dependent on the theme staying the same at all times.
;  Not being careful about this as of now, could result in crashes and other bugs and whatnot, so have to be careful.
;upgraded the npc item storage to be able to hold magical items, which means player can now give magical items to npc
;  and then be able to take it back with magic ability intact, if the option is there.
;item dialogue code significantly upgraded for my own productivity needs.
;yourstuff screen is improved with a user interface and sorting options, and a simple but effective horizontal page slider
;  this is mainly to be able to use magical items.
;Npc in standard dialogue can offer to sell an item, with or without a magical ability.
;Npc encounter that can examine magical items for a charge,
;  lets player use yourstuff screen to quickly examine, or reveal unrevealed items.
;Much more dialogue, and more encounter types in adventure
;Final Level.
;added levitating graphical movement
;levitatable and levitating alterations, and spells to enable them.
;ground units can not attack levitating units, ie a stone wall that is levitating
;levitatable units have an upwards arrow graphically imprinted on them
;levitating units will flash slightly, or be lighted slightly if they only have 1 frame
;levitating units are not damaged by ground shaking
;computer owned inanimates that are levitatable will levitate when allied units want to pass there
;various fort types cast with items will be levitatable.
;A backstory can be chosen to aid the player in the adventure
;Towns (extravagant better defended villages with magic item charge shop)
;Built a more comprehensive 'tutorial' first level dialogue
;Final score breakdown when player wins adventure, and credits at the same time, and final score saved in profile.
;Attempted humorous rating on player based on final score
;Made a new 'win' music dir that will play when player has more than 750 score after winning a level, and at credits.
;Loads of more music. many many many hours of work.

;!MINOR CHANGES 0.23 - 0.24
;Enemy statued inanimate spawners now count for winning level, since they are harmless when statued.
;There was still some +32 and -32 and other near numbers left from 64x64 tilesize calculations in the bot. Like in spellselection. FIXED
;Waiting text when stretching or generating background did not show on real fullscreen. Hopefully Fixed.
;Monster and regular survival level in aventure mode would not have a timer or end if the player tried to leave before it started. FIXED
;Quickly made an update for the previous 3 bugs.
;horrific bug with independent spellcasters and ai wizards speed of units calculation cause them to cast in very bad positions. FIXED
;bosses seems to have trouble starting to fight walls. They will only fight for a millisecond
;  maybe the blocking wall is pushing it too far out when the gfx of the boss covers most of a tile
;  it seems to be for other units too. Maybe a 128x128 issue
;  I added 2 pixels to the "if too far apart end this fight" check. So this is temporarily mended now.
;spellcasters range and casting might be screwed with the new tilesize
;  some of them only cast very close to themselves. FIXED for bigger resolutions
;  but there could also be a problem where spellcasters factor in tilesize wrongly
;monster survival in adventure mode does not have countdown, and units to protect died without failing mission. FIXED
;Made another quick update for the last fixed bugs.
;boss gfx should randomly use wizard gfx as well. DONE but only one total will ever be mixed in.
;unit notifications, ie HERO going up from a unit, were not properly handled, and so would stop working after a while. FIXED
;Now reasons why subvert or betrayal or other ownership magic does not work on units that it should work on
;  are put into the battle log, so that players can find out ie that a spell does not work on a wizard that has changed form
;npc can have another funny response about life regrets if threatened by player
;now errormessages/notifications that are not game breaking are yellow, and things that can not be accepted are still red,
;  such as not adding any wizards to a theme.
;Bandit npc's trying to make player hand over items, will now have a higher respect for a player
;  according to how high infamy the player has.
;  the bandits now also take the items they wanted if player choose to battle and lose.
;monster survival adventure level: protected unit died, but game did not end. Looks like it works now. FIXED.
;page function in controls overview.
;Make it easier for higher infamy when conversing with the mafia. DONE
;men of the law can now be bribed.
;changed the high frequency of posses if infamy was very high, to something much more realistic, and much less frequent.
;can not quit the yourstuff screen easily with a key. Added Space, and Y aswell.
;new graphical fx called dazzle, which will show some dazzling lines when magical items are used.
;villagers making offers on items they just sold to player is pretty silly. FIXED
;using magical items can play a lot of sounds at once, so I implemented a short cooldown for all randomsound dirs.
;sound and music volume sliders were set to 100% if  they had been saved with 0%, due to old code. FIXED
;added a tilesize indicator at target location when commanding wizard or a unit to move somewhere.
;more variety in items.
;In adventure mode, When yourstuff screen is opened, a turn playing out is automatically stopped,
;  so that players won't get annoyed that they can not use magical items if  its not 'their turn'.
;Optional Insanity mode
;blizzard spell
;Made lightning storm, sandstorm, blizzard and fire immune to freezing to ice. That makes sense doesn't it? :)
;Fixed small graphical bugs on Ogre and Ogre warrior
;unit details still outside of screen to the right in 128x128 tilesize if its very long. FIXED
;Got help from laytonkinyon and yue on community to find out why the game just will not start to some windows 10 users
;  It most likely needs DirectPlay to be installed on their windows to be able to run the game
;  so I also included the DirectPlay.dll file into the game root.
;Added automatic rolling hilite of dialogue
;Added another page on controls overview / more keys and help. To describe the various tags after items in dialogue.
;Significant extra infamy if player threatens towns or villages
;Press a Key image to show when ie there is some information on screen that player should look at as long as needed.
;added automatic adjustment of spells on the spellpanel for those who want to use high resolution gfx
;  but do not have much of the needed screen/resolution width on their computer
;changed the introduction text on the game loading screen.
;new survival type for adventure, at high danger levels. With currency and examined magical item rewards
;moving commandable creatures right after making them commandable would still trigger
;  the "you do not have any commandable creatures at this time" message. now FIXED.
;faster fade down of battlefield when using the battlelog
;Removed the advanced core theme. So that everyone HAVE to play the crazy complete core theme. MWAHAHA... 8D

;!BIG CHANGES from Version 0.22 to 0.23
;added sliders 0-100 % to sound and music options.
;went through all code using tilesize to make all of it compatible with using any tilesize gfx in the game.
;  so then theoretically in the future the game should work with very small gfx and very big gfx.
;  would perhaps be fun to experiment with 16x16 gfx tiles on a very small display if I get the chance.
;  still need to implement loading any tilesize, instead of just 64x64 or 128x128.
;  this was mainly done to accommodate high end users with high definition resolutions.
;  The current way to do this, is that there are now two separate gfx directories in the game.
;  One for low end users using 64x64 gfx, and another for high end users which will have 128x128 gfx for all the creatures and wizards etc...
;made a battle log that will make a background of the current battlefield, and then list recent events,
;  which can be highlighted with mouse, and will then show the source and any target positions on the background
;  it will be force shown at the end of a battle.
;  also added fun ways to describe fights between units, so that its not so boring.
;made a menu to the right of spells, that will open if you move mouse over it,
;  in it you can see keys for various actions and select them.
;Giving movement orders to wizard and obedient creatures now always start a new path.
;  Waypoints can be added with Left Alt or C key
;Generating random gfx for mousepointer can now be done with F3, and the old method has been removed.
;Worked hard to finally accomplish a 128x128 unit gfx mode,
;  so that high powered, high resolution pc users will at least be able to see the gfx.
;  128x128 unit gfx is a doubling of the 'standard' unit gfx which is 64x64.
;  it means that anyone with a resolution higher than say 1500x1200 will be pleased to be able to see the gfx.
;  I used my own handcrafted 2x tool to double the size of all my poor unit gfx. :)
;The ImagesToTiles tool was also updated to handle 128x128 unit gfx.
;monster type units will now be doubled in size with my custom 2x code when needed,
;  so that they will roughly look the same in 64x64 as in 128x128
;many many smaller issues with being able to use a new tilesize, are fixed
;'Nearby' random creatures can decide to join the player or join the enemy in battle in the adventure mode, based on player's infamy
;Implemented a new movement system using float variables so that things can be set to move at any speed
;  this is mainly to adjust speed for all things at higher resolutions, ie that creatures will move the same speed in any resolution.
;  went through all design files to adjust for the new movement system
;  will try to let flood move around at half humanoid speed
;  reduced speed of rogue gooey blob ,Amphisbaena, Giant Caterpillar, Pseudo Hydra, Python,Worm,freaky rolling square
;  speed of shambling mound reduced quite a lot
;  increased speed for engineer,
;resuming meeting lawmen on continuing game did not seem to work,
;  in that the dialogue did not come up, nor the 'lawmen'. NOW FIXED
;When threatening npc's in adventure mode, they can now have another not so pathetic response.
;background creator generates more interesting backgrounds due to an addition to the heightmap process.
;Deleted most old low resolution backgrounds, and added many new high and low resolution backgrounds.
;Added 3 new inanimate objects: Mud Wall, Reinforced Marble Mud Wall, and Compacted Leaf Wall.
;replaced spellbackground gfx with new exciting ones, and also added a background for growths that are not creatures.
;Trump wall in adventure mode
;startup configurations are now saved for future use. So that people do not get annoyed having to select the same things.
;Turn based gameflow and realtime gameflow can now be changed at any time in the ingame menu, and with Space.
;  And turns in can be cut short by pressing space. Allowing players to make critical decisions,
;  or sit back and watch the show at any time.
;  there will be a few consequences of this in custom games, but hopefully not any majorly negative ones.
;New design command: "villagehouse". Designs with this command will mainly appear in villages.
;Drew 20 different village houses.
;Villages can appear in adventure mode.
;Added a currency for adventure mode that will create a lot of opportunities for dialogue.
;several levels drop an amount of currency to be found if the player wins a battle
;preparations for creating boss type levels
;  each boss will be randomly generated from available gfx. Which means a lot of variation.
;  added some FightingBoss sounds
;  boss level template complete
;  boss music dir created, and will play when there is a battle with a boss.
;made more music, and made changes to all existing music from their raw versions.

;!SMALL CHANGES from Version 0.22 to 0.23
;The text of who player met and is talking to player in adventure mode is moved up a bit.
;In adventure mode, unit details will now start with "Your " or "An enemy " or "A friendly "
;  to make it easier to know which unit is yours and not, in adventure mode
;turned off forced movement of real mouse position when simulated human is playing
;  this was probably an annoyance for many people in demonstration mode,
;  now people should be able to use their mouse normally outside of game window while looking at demonstration mode
;removed horizontal limit on mouse movement in menu
;new design command: cannotattackflying
;now floods and earthquakes can not attack flying units
;ghost variation enemy units can be frustrating for anyone, so now they will only appear in high danger levels in adventure mode
;Removed the newbie mode from themes simply because I don't want reviewers to select it,
;  as it does not represent the game as much as the other core themes. And I renamed the other core themes.
;Improved the Amphisbaena gfx in both resolutions from gfx I made long ago.
;Creatures that player meet in adventure mode are no longer automatically set to aggressive when there is dialogue,
;  they will become aggressive if a battle starts.
;Dangerous inanimates, that can randomly cast things that attack everything, ie volcanos,
;  are no longer spawned for prisons and on levels where player can protect inanimates.
;  they can still appear in other spawning though
;if player's wizard is an inanimate object, or in a form that do not have the ability to move, he will now be notified about it.
;automatically resuming movement to a target location after fighting did not work. Now fixed for all units.
;added "not obedient" ai casting help line to Aggragate spell, to stop AI from casting aggragate on friendly creatures that are already obedient
;added "graphicalgrowingmethod=none" to lightning storm, so that there will not be any small or tiny lightnings around.
;if player wants action fast on first tutorial level, npc will now use an independent resulting dialogue.
;infamy was not reset when creating a new profile. Fixed.
;added dark background for dialogue and response text under pointer in case it is too difficult to read.
;added black/dark background on unit details when any units are under mouse.
;any wizard losing the spellbook upgrade by getting their spellbook destroyed would not work correctly
;  because of a bug that only looked at the current wizards spellbook. FIXED
;camouflage on black background made it impossible to see camouflaged units. FIXED
;portals now no longer blocks stuff on the ground. A portal shouldnt have enough capability to repel stuff.

! Changes from version 0.20 to 0.22
;cleaned up wizard upgrade code and wizard upgrades are now drawn in front of wizard image at their respective turns.
;Implemented optional computer players that do not use the pointer, and do not show its spellbook
;  human players can thus play with or against computer players that do not take their turns as if they were humans.
;capability to add enemy wizards into adventure levels, and enemy wizards will now appear in adventure levels
;another survival template in adventure mode focusing on inanimates
;new system for setting units that need to be protected in some adventure levels. Ie, now you might need to protect more than one unit to win
;added design commands 'cannotfightontheground' and 'cannotfightflying' which when used will make a unit never fight ground units or flying units
;hypnotic spinamajig can now be attacked by flying units.
;made hypnotic spinamajig not a creature to make it less significant for battles, and not be able to change mental state.
;In addition to the bottom of the screen, now if you move pointer to your wizard image on the bottom left, it will show any other page of spells you have
;Added a way to set growing graphically in many different ways, Currently the default way is "popup"
;  planning on using it for more than just growing things
;many new sounds for the effects of many magic spells, aswell as ability to add additional sounds in the random sound dirs
;improved all frost grow sounds slightly
;flying saucer is now immune to lightning storm, in addition to other immunities
;More informative text on unit details when howering with mouse, making it easier to distinguish creatures from inanimates,
;  and other non creatures non inanimates, like gooey blob, fire, earthquake, when pointing at them on the battlefield
;rewrote the magic targeting system to allow much more freedom when creating new spells
;  and to implement an automated magic preview on spells to see what units it can be used on
;  and it also makes it easier to add new kinds of magic
;  and in the same swoop it even fixes some unwanted effects of magic, like subverting dead creatures
;  all magic spell designs changed to the new system
;  list of design commands text file updated to reflect the new system
;  note that if you have made any new magic spell designs with the old magictarget commands,
;  it will be easy to convert them to the new commands.
;units that can be affected by spells are now hilited with the spell when mouse is howering on the spell
;Alter Reality gfx changed.
;Added small flare graphical fx to replace used spellcards, and added some to fights as well.
;Background terrain generator slightly improved
;Added adventure template level to defend one or multiple inanimate objects in a survival mode
;more dialogue after death threats from player in adventure mode.
;more dialogue when player meets vengeful npcs
;Added a stickup adventure template level.
;Flying creatures would not attack inanimates even when it could cast/spawn creatures. This could create stalemate type situations. Fixed.
;Your stuff page with a list of player's items improved with a page system.
;Mouse pointer gfx can now be changed to something random any time by moving mouse to bottom right corner when in a battle.
;New more artistic purple default gfx for mouse pointer. And player can change to default or simple purple with F2
;New alteration: Camouflaged. It will be hard for aggressive enemy units to spot a camouflaged unit not moving.
;Camouflage takes background gfx to mix with the unit gfx.
;New spell: Camouflage. Will set units in area to be camouflaged. Camouflage will wear off after a while.
;more variation in items
;changed the unit details text fading colors. Easier to read and know which units are in an area.
;  And added different colors for different kinds of units
;changed the gfx of Frost Beast, Ice Beast, Biotic Beast, Pseudo Hydra
;wizard upgrades are now independent of design names. So a design with a crystal ball wizard upgrade can have any name ingame.
;new custom gamemode: ESCAPE. Get out of a confined situation and get to one of the exits

! Other minor changes from version 0.20 to 0.22
;The old name of the game was still in the documentation. fixed.
;A need to add zeros in numbering of files when used with imagestotiles if there are more than 9 or 99. added in documentation.
;making a new profile did not reset options like gameflow and background type to default because I thought it was not needed, until I needed it. fixed
;All options and sound options will now work correctly when switching profile
;changing profiles did not change options in menu. And thus players loading a profile might have had to manually change them before starting a game. Fixed
;when losing a level in adventure mode and player has to lose an item, making a new profile and starting adventure mode, would prompt the new profile to lose an item. Fixed
;I made lightning storms, and sandstorms fly, and move up and down like flying creatures. Not quite sure how it will look
;Explanation messages if player tries to move wizard when it is frozen or statued
;moved flies over corpses alteration gfx to be drawn after armour to avoid the flies getting armoured graphically
;I had misspelled 'powerful' to be 'powerfull' in code and in design files. fixed.
;added overwrite protection for units that need to be defended in some gamemodes. To avoid new units being created in their place after they are turned off
;  and this capability will allow many other crazy things in the future
;Sometimes after battle when going to game over screen, the battle screen would not be erased. Fixed.
;Profiles with more stuff than another would carry the additional stuff over to the profile with less when selected. Fixed.
;Frost Beast and Ice Beast now have a lifespan of 180 seconds.
;independents icon graphics improved.
;ImagesToTiles tool can now draw gfx from top left corner of tiles, instead of always centering gfx in the middle of the tiles.
;added "not frozen" and "not statue" to ai casting helpset for Repulser. No need to try to repulse creatures that are frozen or statued
;"frozen" can now be used in addition to "ice", for the same thing (units that are frozen), in ai casting helpsets
;ai in 'reset' spell now takes into account camouflaged units
;unit details when hovering mouse would not display when spells with a limit in range were selected, or other similar issues. Fixed.
;inanimate units will now not be assigned to be ghosts when spawning or when altering reality.
;New gfx for ie monsters are created and applied with less potential for problems.
;Wizard/team icons addd to mouse hovering unit details.
;Added checks for amount of creatures, inanimates, and growths when loading, to avoid running the game if there are less than 2 of each type.
;If a wizard is an inanimate object, it can now withstand the ground shaking at least to the point where it will not be destroyed.
;Rewards for donating certain amounts.

! Most relevant changelog V011-V020
;profile support. All options saved in profile
;designs with 0 attack, and iced and stoned units could still sometimes kill other units. fixed.
;display details on units by hovering mouse pointer on them
;experimental adventure mode available
;ghosts are now different graphically and much more compatible with other status effects
;new mental state: pacified.
;new spell: Pacify, will make creatures pacified
;pacified creatures will never initiate a fight and will have their attack values halved in any combat.
;pacified creatures have a chance of pacifying their attackers in combat, or get aggressive themselves if they fail.
;pacified creatures are regarded as defeated in relevant gamemodes.
;wizards in their original form do not attack pacified creatures
;subverted creatures will now have much to think about right after being subverted. (distracted mental state)
;units not fighting can now attack a unit that is already fighting 1 or more other units. I dont think I had any good reason for not allowing this before
;new units: Pyroctopus. Green Wyvern, Black Caterpillar, Pseudo Hydra, Haunt
;Creatures that are ghosts now have severely reduced attack and defense capabilities.
;howering pointer over units will display text with types and alteration states of the units
;growths now literally grow from small to normal size graphically
;created advanced dialogue for adventure mode, and various altercations
;a new system for music, and I made a whole new pack of songs for it
;New spellcaster: Social Justice Warrior, will cast aggraggate on allies, and betrayal, and pacify, on foes
;if a creature has killed a creature more powerful than itself, it is rightfully identified as a hero and heros obviously have twice the attack and defence
;New growth blocker: Tempest. Can also cast vortex and whirlwind
;added lots of new keys to simulate mousebuttons, and removed the Alt key.
;units will continue to their desired destinations after they get interupted by fights or get stuck.
;waypoint support for wizard movement. and units that can be ordered around.
;new gamemode Monsters! added to custom games and adventure.
;New spell: Summon Monster, will summon a monster from another world. You are unlikely to ever see the same monster in another session.
;changed the name of the game to STRAYSPELLS
;various portal units implemented which will spawn various creatures, monsters, or other types of units, easy to know from their name

! Least relevant changelog V011-V020
;FightingMonster random sound dir for monsters
;use a faded background from left to right, darkest at left, when there is dialogue
;for adventure and similar, there is a "BATTLE WON" when enemies are defeated, before conclusion screen, and sound for it
;tv can cast pacify
;lightning storm can cast fire ninjacast
;losing battles or going to main menu from an altercation in adventure mode will make danger level go down 1 level.
;losing battles or going to main menu from an altercation could make the player lose an item.
;monsters now have names
;if player tries to click left mousebutton on the battlefield without commandable units, there will be a text saying he has no commandable units at this time.
;added a color effect on strayspell logo on menu
;demonstration can be selected from main menu
;a gamemode for adventure where you can accept protecting the npc from a survival style situation for a limited time
;wizard refered to as 'player' on the battlefield in adventure mode
;double sized image of npcs in dialogue is displayed at bottom on right side, using joar2x
;first adventure level has a very simple instructional dialogue
;default freedom and libertarian referenced names for newly created profiles
;walls damage more on sides, not just around center (seems to work, but maybe not so much on left side)
;units are allowed to start fights with units who are already in a fight
;upgrades were effective even when the upgrade units were a corpse. fixed.
;starting a fight with distracted creatures will make them confused
;added a small selfuniverse logo for load screen.
;Survival mode now does not spawn too many of the same type of unit. Botanists are no longer frequent.
;improvement to alteration details at ie death of wizards
;fixed annoying police sound for bilderberg hideout
;error message system improved
;small icons above units do something fancy when they are changed
;all mental states can now be configured and checked by AI for magic spells, which means smarter AI casting
;updated design creation documentation with ability to use mental states as commands in aihelpsets.
;improved dynamic gfx in menu
;Python gfx replaced
;Cat Lord gfx improved
;Removed Flying Voodoo Doll, as it is very powerful, and also boring.
;made a an array bank to create many various small sizes of gfx
;removed all default grow sounds except for 2, because they were annoyingly silly.
;added more diversity to notifications of eliminating units
;reduced the power calculation for casters a lot, should be much more accurate compared to non casters now.
;magicfullrange design command did not work properly within the game. fixed
;drelb, lesser devil, ghast, spectre, and others no longer jump off screen when they die. Just vanish instead.
;a lot of cleaning in the code
;added a check at startup if the game can create a file. if it can not, it will quit.
;updated themes for new version